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If you don't BUILD your DREAM


someone will HIRE you to build theirs.

Am Privileged having you here, Welcome to my World

I believe Knowledge is POWER only when shared, and I hope to do my bit here.

I will share all my personal experiences like my STROKE - weeks leading to it, the Rehab and beyond, my Startups or stories as a Startup Mentor, my Travels or my favourite drink - the Single Malt or my views, be it Tech Trends or Business Innovation or the most complicated thing on the planet, Human Behaviour or mental health.


With over 20 years of corporate plus startup experience, I would be sharing my opinion / adding value on topics such as Business Models, Tech Trends, Innovation & Marketing


Nearly 9+ years into the ecosystem as a Founder of 4 startups and as a mentor/advisor & venture growth partner to plenty more, I would be sharing my experience from go-to-market, the market dynamics, founders focus etc.

stroke out

Follow my journey to my stroke & the recovery from it & beyond.

To know what is muscle memory - how I lost it & rebuilt the neuro paths or how our intelligence works a whole lot more. And stories from other champion survivors


Follow the complex nature of humans with my two series (Awareness Alerts & The AV Principle) where I capture my experiences & make you wonder about yourself & the impact it has on others.



My Travels, Food & my cooking, Beverages, or Rants about cricket or football or movie to binge-watching to just about anything crazy like Politics.

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