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Moisturisers in Winter

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

We are in the middle of winter now and hope you are enjoying the snow (If you are in Munich). The months of January and February usually are the coldest and pretty dry because of the heaters.

Did you know that in the last 20 years the coldest recorded temperature in Munich was -27C or -16F. And in Germany, was on December 24, 2001, when it hit an incredible -45,9 degrees at the Funtensee measuring station in the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria.

These months, we have to cream up a lot, and this article would cover three hand creams I have tried and use all the time. I would state the brands, as you have to test each variant based on your skin type, hydration (water you drink), the area from India/world you come from, your diet (what you eat is essential) and any pre-conditions. I am saying this as am not a doctor but use these brands frequently. And this year, it is become so important to use a good cream as we have to wash our hands with soap or use the sanitiser multiples times a day.

1. Lavera – Is my favourite

Lavera is Bio or organic, Vegan and 100% natural cosmetic. So the range is a bit expensive. The product (picture below) is made out of organic evening primrose and organic shea and keeps the hand very soft and greasy. It contains natural UV protection and makes the skin soft and supple. Apply to the hands several times a day as needed. Check which variant suits you.

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Some history about the brand: (Read the entire history)

The company Laverana and the brand lavera was founded in 1987 near Hannover, Germany. The company name Laverana reveals that the brand and company are connected, as “lavera” stands for “true” and “na” for “natural cosmetics”.

2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula – When I came in 2009/10 to Germany for the first, this brand was the most recommended brand for any type of moisturisers. I keep it along with Lavera or say one of them will always be in my bag.

It is light greasy but absorbs very well. Some variants may be too greasy, but that depends on what you and your hands. You can see the light greasiness as an aftereffect on your touchscreen.

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Some history about the brand: (Read the entire history)

Neutrogena is an American brand currently owned by Johnson & Johnson and founded in 1930 as Natone. The company officially changed its name to Neutrogena Corporation in 1962.

3. Eucerin – It is considered a dermatology brand, but their products are excellent as moisture in the pure sense. The product (picture below) is perfect for really dry hands, and I will recommend it over the above two if your hand get really dry.

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Some history about the brand: (Read the entire history)

Eucerit was the technological base to develop for the first time stable water-in-oil emulsions. The company was founded in 1900 in Hamburg, Germany.

It was not until 1950 that the next Eucerin product appeared: pH5 Eucerin Ointment. The product was created to work in an alkaline milieu, a real innovation in those days. It was the first product that guaranteed preservation and restoration of the acid protection skin layer, which is highly relevant today.

Please follow me as I write other topics about life in Germany.

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