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Mentoring Mantras #1

When I was a full-time founder, my mentors and many of the investors I met told me, the time you spend uselessly on social media is propionate to minimum 3X the time your away from your startup.

The word useless means, debating, arguing, making yourself right to what you posted or commented etc. which in their eyes felt like “waste of precious time” or “immaturity” or “lack of listening to the public - which is tantamount to customer feedback” or “arrogance”. Each one this behaviour shows that you either not coachable or mentor-able and eventually leads to, not being investable.

If you want to state your opinion in social media, first ask, what you want from it and be detached from comments and only look at, if the outcome is achieved.

Please post your idea or take surveys or go & market your product launch or the product itself but don’t waste valuable time and energy doing useless stuff.

It’s an open world and all are watching your actions, intentions and of course Language.

So Founders just focus on your idea/product/dream/vision.

This is a book which will give practical tools for building and leveraging trust online - Digital Trust by Barry Connolly

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